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Reasons You Should Use Vehicle Signwriting For Your Business

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If you are just starting out in your business and you are looking for an alternative to marketing that doesn’t involve TV advertisements or radio spots, you may want to consider the benefits of vehicle signwriting. This is a type of marketing in which a vehicle is outfitted with some kind of logo, design or eye catching lettering to advertise your company. Here are some reasons that this type of marketing may benefit your business.

More Affordable — Advertising on TV or or on the radio is not a cheap option for many small businesses. And even if you are able to get one 30-second ad on, how long will it play before you have to pay more money to run the spot again? Vehicle signwriting is less expensive than traditional media advertising, and it has a longer shelf life. The vehicle that has signwriting on it has no expiration date, which means that long after your TV ad or radio spot has been forgotten, your business will still be advertising with your vehicle without you having to spend more money. And even if you choose to change the signwriting logo or design, that change will likely cost you less money than running a brand new TV or radio ad.

More Control — When you signwrite on a vehicle, you get to choose where that car, van or truck goes to draw the most attention. With traditional media advertising, the sweet spots in which listeners or viewers are watching in great numbers will cost you a lot of money. And if you can’t afford one of those sweet spots, your ad may run at odd hours. When you use vehicle signwriting, you decide where that car goes, how often and for how long. You can even park the vehicle in an area where you know it will be seen by a lot of people, such as a mall parking lot. But vehicle signwriting also lets you target your advertising. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to send your vehicle to a business district at lunchtime to maximize the number of people who will see it as they make lunch plans.

More Visible — Drivers spend a lot of time stuck in traffic or idling at a stop light, which gives you the opportunity to have your signwritten vehicle seen by a lot more people than may view a TV ad or hear a radio spot. Think about the number of times you’ve been stuck in traffic and you’ve seen vans or trucks with vehicle signwriting that advertise all types of businesses. Your job is to imprint the name and purpose of your company in as bold and striking a manner as possible, so that people will remember your company when the need for it arises.

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