Be Noticed, Be Unique: Ideas for Sign Buyers and Designers
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Be Noticed, Be Unique: Ideas for Sign Buyers and Designers

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Be Noticed, Be Unique: Ideas for Sign Buyers and Designers

How to Choose Between Cast Bronze and Cast Aluminum Plaques

Eevi Jarvela

Cast aluminum and cast bronze are good materials when making plaques. However, each metal is better suited to different situations. This article discusses some issues that can help you to decide when to use cast bronze or cast aluminum when you would like to have plaques made. Casting refers to pouring a molten metal into a mould.

Where the Plaque Will Be Installed

Cast bronze plaques may be better if you would like to install them outdoors. This is because aluminum is more susceptible to damage if it is exposed to extreme conditions. For example, aluminum will be more likely to be damaged by a windblown object (such as a rock) when compared to the same object striking a cast bronze plaque. Cast bronze is also a better material to use if the plaque will be installed in the ground. This is because cast bronze will be better able to withstand the impact of wind and temperature extremes when compared to cast aluminum. Cast aluminum expands and contracts more quickly in the face of temperature variations. This makes it more likely to age faster than cast bronze if both materials are exposed to the same temperature variations.

The Weight of the Plaque

Cast aluminum is lighter than cast bronze. You should therefore pick the material that will meet your plaque-weight requirement. For example, either material may be suitable if you have no weight limitation on the plaque you order. However, if weight is an issue, then order a cast aluminum plaque.

The Desired Style

Cast bronze plaques give a more traditional look when compared to cast aluminum. Cast aluminum is better if you want your plaque to have a modern look. The sleek appearance of aluminum makes it an ideal material for a plaque that will be displayed in a building that has plenty of glass and steel materials.

Your Budget

Cast aluminum may be ideal if you are operating on a tight budget because it is more affordable when compared to cast bronze.


Bronze is made from a combination of tin and copper. These materials are very tough and make the alloy (bronze) very durable. Aluminum is soft and it will not last as long as a bronze plaque will.

As you can see, several factors interplay to make one material more suitable for a given purpose than the other material. It is therefore advisable for you to discuss your specific needs with a plaque professional so that he or she can help you to make the best choice.