Be Noticed, Be Unique: Ideas for Sign Buyers and Designers
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Be Noticed, Be Unique: Ideas for Sign Buyers and Designers

When you hang a sign over your business storefront, that sign should attract customers and it should reflect your brand. Essentially, it should be both unique and noticeable. Hi, my name is Kerry, and I love colours, designs and almost everything else related to signs. Although I have dabbled in the art of graphic design, I am not an expert, but I have ran my own business for three decades, and during that time, I have learned to be interesting. If you want tips on choosing or designing the perfect sign for your business, you have come to the right place. Please, check out my blog for tips and ideas.


Be Noticed, Be Unique: Ideas for Sign Buyers and Designers

The importance of choosing the right business signs

Eevi Jarvela

From new, sole trader start-ups to large, established firms, business signs play a vital part in everyday commerce. Sooner or later, almost all companies require new signs for premises, events and promotions. Whether to attract sales enquiries, direct arriving traffic or warn of safety hazards, businesses can benefit from a consistent and well thought out approach to their signage.

Because signs welcome and direct customers to company premises, it is important to make a good first impression and present a business-like image. Subtle or prominent, the right type of sign draws the attention of passing customers. For example, illuminated or neon fixings are an eye-catching way to attract walk-in and especially drive-past trade.

Displaying the right business sign brings other benefits, too. When compared to conventional advertising, signage is long lasting and, therefore, cost-effective – especially to develop local customer bases. Fabric banners at special events, company logos and fixed signs all promote business identity – whether classic or subtle, bright or monochrome. Then there are car parks, entrances or exits and directional signs that are especially useful, for example, in businesses that are not easy to find or which do not have a distinct storefront. 

Inside the workplace, when hazards exist, it is important to warn staff, visitors, other pedestrians and arriving vehicles. In shops, offices, hospitals or reception areas where floors are wet due to cleaning, for example, slip hazards should be highlighted. Many wholesale signs for warning of hazards feature eye-catching borders. High voltage cabinets, compressed air, inflammable liquids and gases are other examples where specialist sign suppliers offer appropriate business signs for company workshops and storage facilities.   

In manufacturing businesses or those that distribute hazardous goods, safety-warning signs are necessary. Australian standard AS:1319 details the requirements for the design and use of safety, warning, prohibition and emergency information signs.  Safety signs are also mandatory near power generators, on farms, in garages, and near any machinery or area of high traffic. Depending on the location, more than one sign may be required to ensure compliance with legislation.

In summary, then, well-placed signage is central to brand image, organisational identity and the management of premises. If your business has recently started, is currently expanding or will shortly adopt a new look and is seeking to commission new signs, larger sign manufacturers offer in-house graphic design services and showcases of examples. Alternatively, you may wish to look for a turnkey service, where a sign design team takes care of all the arrangements including measuring, designing, manufacturing and installing the new signage.